About TNT Auction

TNT Auction, Inc. has been in the business of providing full service, professional auction services for over 25 years.  Specializing in municipal and fleet auctions, our experience is second to none throughout the Western United States.  Over the years we have worked with hundreds of government agencies, financial institutions, private fleets, and individuals to sell thousands of vehicles, equipment, commercial and industrial vehicles, aircraft, miscellaneous property, and more.  This experience has a snowball effect, as it causes our customer and buyer base to continue to grow making us more and more valuable to the clients we serve. 

There are three major assets a top performing auction company must be able to offer: 1) Full service, turn key, professional, knowledgeable service.  2) A large nationwide buyer base for the wide range of property that private, municipal and government organizations have to liquidate.  3) The ability to keep up with the constant and rapid change in our industry.  TNT Auction, Inc. excels in all of these categories. 

We have the expertise to handle large, successful auctions.  We have the buyers because of our reputation and nationwide exposure to maximize your investment recovery. 

We are currently under contract with several major municipal, government, and private fleet operations in Utah, Nevada, and California to dispose of surplus property.